Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace, located in the city of Bangalore was the private residence of the Royal Wodeyar family and was built by Chamaraja Wodeyar, Maharaja of Mysore in the year 1887 AD. During a visit to England, Chamaraja Wodeyar was inspired by the Windsor Castle in London, and along similar lines he built this palace in Tudor style.

Chamaraja Wodeyar bought the land from Reverend Garret (the first principal of the Central High School, Bangalore) who originally owned the land, on which the palace stands today.

The Bangalore Palace is built over 45000 sq. ft. and is spread over an area of 435 acre plot. Built in Tudor Style, the Bangalore Palace looks magnificent with Fortified towers, Gothic windows, battlements and turrets. The Palace is also famous for its elegantly carved woodworks. The wonderful door panel at the entrance leads to grand interiors of the palace. The ground floor consists of an open courtyard containing granite seats covered with fluorescent blue ceramic tiles. Along with the courtyard is a ballroom, where private parties of the King used to be held. And in the first floor the foremost thing that comes into view is the Durbar Hall. The King used this hall for addressing the assembly.

A total of 35 rooms were built in the palace with most of them being bedrooms. Its walls are ornamented with exquisite paintings and one of the wall has a set of windows that are decorated with stained glass. Some of the Paintings are Dutch, some Greek and there are a few from the famed Raja Ravi Verma as well. An object worth having a look is a Dining Table of Sir Mirza Ismail, Diwan of Mysore. It contains a "mother of pearl" inlay with Chinese lacquer work.

A head of a real elephant is kept near the entrance of the palace, which is preserved using chemicals. The lower part the elephant’s legs are cut off to a height of about 2 feet and covered with cushions at the top to make stools. Stool made of bullock’s legs are also displayed there. All these were treated with chemicals so that they won’t decay. Once a wild elephant entered his area and killed many people, as a result the Wodeyar King ordered his men to kill the elephant.

The Grounds surrounding the Palace have played host to many concerts by Rock Stars. Some of the shows conducted here were from Aerosmith, Iron Maiden ( Backstreet Boys, Elton John, Megadeth, Deep Purple, Amon Amarth, Lamb Of God, Mark Knopfler, Akon, Black Eyed Peas, The Rolling Stones, MLTR, Roger Waters, The Prodigy, No Doubt, The Scorpions, Enrique Iglesias, Machine Head and Cradle of filth.The Metallica show at Bangalore Palace Grounds in Oct’2011 attracted nearly 40000 fans, some even from Europe and US.

Palace Timings: Timings: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm (Closed on Sundays)